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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mentors Meeting July 14, 2010

Mentors Session Agenda, July 14, 2010, 5:00 p.m.

  1. Welcome Back to Sydney Levine
  2. Curricular Issues:
    Structure of curriculum: key concepts that each mentor can work on with their students. The kids and mentors can talk about how they are progressing with the concepts and maybe ask questions about things they're having trouble understanding.

    Ideas from the book to use.

    Workgroup to develop curricular framework.

    Book choices.  The book talks about having kids choose the books that are interesting to them. Field trips to the library might help. Helping them get familiar with the online catalog and how to place a book on hold and have it sent to a library that's convenient for them will help as well. This way they can have their choice of every book in the library system rather than relying on just the books at their local library.

      13-14 year old girls:
      13-14 year old girls, tearjerkers:

Noughts and Crosses
Life of Pi
Animal Farm
Lord of the Flies
War Horse
Fahrenheit 451
Little Soldier
A Boy called it
Brave New World
Of Mice and Men
Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (and film)
Goodnight Mr Tom
39 Steps
Diary of Anne Frank
Kiss Kiss
Ten Days to zero.  

  1. Summer Projects: We will distribute a Kodak disposable camera to mentors and to participants (24) next week.  This week they will be jointly write their ideas and plans for its use…the theme might be Beginnings and Endings.  This being the beginning of their showing others what is of interest to them.  The end being the final book we will publish of their pictures, etc.
    AND academically beginnings and endings of words should be integrated into their lessons (I’ve blogged and written the onsets and endings of words, so everyone can find them.)
    They can take any sort of pictures and will journal about them, together or separately, whatever they decide between themselves.
    July 14:  Begin planning, journalling about Beginnings and Endings (in whatever way seems to fit)
    July 21: Get camera, set plan.  Journal
    July 28 or August 4: Return camera (unless they want to wait one more week). Journal about what was taken, how it went, etc.
    August 4 and August 11: Film will have been developed and returned.  Journal about how the pix turned out, what they are about, etc.  Plan book…do they want one big book, separate parts for each person which they can also have?
    August 11 and August 18:  Journalling to continue about pix, about book.  Book will be compiled.
    August 25:  Book will be returned to them…can we do some reading aloud, etc.  Plans for this?
  1. Formation of workgroups:  we might consider forming workgroups so that issues related to the curriculum, meetings with mentors, and supervision of projects and mentors can be shared duties.

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