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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Making Photo Journals

Just thought I'd give you a brief report on what happened last night.
Both the weight room and the dance studio were occupied, so they put us in the library. Not really a problem, since most people don't really stay in the room anyway.

Doug, Marco S., Valmiki and I were the mentors who attended (at least as far as I could tell, since Gabriela and I were in the computer room). I believe all their students showed up, as well as Gloria, who learned that Christina wasn't there, and so she went home.

Gabriela and I had a great time with putting her photos on Picaboo, thanks to Doug bringing his card reader and giving me a tutorial. Turns out Gabriela can type! So she wrote all the journaling, and I just helped her with a couple of spelling errors.

But we couldn't figure out how to print the book, or save it to anything other than the Picaboo program (including emailing it to another computer). I came home and played around with Picaboo, but still saw no way of printing out a finished album. You can order it from Picaboo, but I kind of think that may be somewhat expensive. I'm going to email Doug to ask if he can advise. In any case, Gabriela had a blast putting it together. We are not done yet - she has a lot of photos and it takes time to write the journaling - but we will try to fnish in one more session.

That's it for now, talk to you soon. Luisa, hope things are going well with the festival. Doug gave us a little report on his adventure there on Opening Night. Sounds like fun!

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