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Monday, August 9, 2010

Update The Literacy Project

Hi everyone!

An update:
The digital cameras are marginal at best.  We need used (working) digital cameras badly.

The Guide to Reading for Understanding will be posted on the blog for your use.  Marco Samoyoa did a great job distilling Chapter 2 into practical bits for us to use.  If you want to read the book, be sure to read Chapters 2 and 4 as those are the most important chapters for us.

Marco had a breakthrough with his mentee when they went over the Guide as if it were a textbook, looking at the highlighted smaller sections to get the overview before even trying to read it.

Doug W. also had a breakthough.  His mentee is so bright; he has only been in the U.S. 3 or 4 years and yet his English is good, his reading is excellent.  He's no longer taking part in the ESL classes.  He is a clothing designer as well.  However, Doug discovered he writes very poorly.

Mentors might start teaching writing skills with the journals about the photographs the kids are taking.  Tell them to talk and write they they say.  Writing the spoken word is much easier than trying to figure out "how to write properly".  Then you can play with sentence structure or contractions or punctuation.

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